Lara Bingle Bikini on Beach Paparazzi Candid

Yes, Yes I know the first question you probably have is who the fuck is Lara Bingle? To that I answer, Lara Bingle is a hot Australian supermodel model who is currently kind of a big deal in the land down under partly because of her nude shower picture scandal, the other part is because well look at her pure hotness. Lara Bingle embodies two things that I most love to write about, hot models and their naked pictures. Turns out the Lara Bingle is currently suing her ex-boyfriend, an Australian football player for the Brisbane Lions, Brendan Fevola for allegedly distributing a nude shower photo of Bingle from back when they were a couple in 2006. Of course I’m not going to post that infamous, center of a legal issue nude photo of Lara Bingle, however there are legitimate topless photos of Lara Bingle from a German GQ shoot so you guys can look at those instead and run with it. I think that Lara Bingle’s hotness has made me curious about what other gems Australia has to offer, I’m going to be on the lookout down under for some more sizzling half naked models.

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