Jennifer Lopez Court Sex Tape

 Jennifer Lopez Court Sex Tape
Jennifer Lopez Court Sex Tape. Jennifer Lopez is heading back to court on Monday (June 6) to prevent ex-husband Ojani Noa and his partner from selling intimate video footage to internet porn sites.The steamy home video in question is from Lopez's 1997 honeymoon with her first husband, whom she met when he was a waiter in Miami. The marriage -- which lasted from February 1997 to January 1998 -- may have been short-lived, but the 'American Idol' judge is still haunted by her ex.

Noa, who briefly managed a Lopez-owned restaurant after the couple's divorce, has tried launching tell-all ventures about his J.Lo romance in the past, including a book that the pop star successfully blocked in court.

Lopez won a permanent injunction in 2009 that prohibited the footage from being released as part of a planned TV project. Noa recently "sold" the film to his longtime girlfriend and business partner, Claudia Vasquez, who now plans to officially release it via a distributor, as a judge has signed off on the apparently legal scheme. So far, Vasquez has reportedly received offers "in the millions" from top porn sites for the sexy scenes.

A lawyer for Vazquez insisted that the home video is not technically a "sex tape," and has insisted that in the approximately 27 hours of footage that his client owns (of which he estimates 15-20 minutes contain nudity), Lopez is not taped surreptitiously, but was instead freely allowing herself to be filmed at the time.

Source: popeater

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